John O'Groats to Lands End on a Bicycle, route, training, equipment, costs

John O’Groats to Lands End on a bicycle

The Start at John O'Groats

About this site

If you’re thinking of cycling between Lands End and John O’Groats, this site should help …Particularly if you’re doing it the wrong way round (from John O’Groats to Lands End (JOGLE)

This site is about the before, during and after of riding from John O’Groats to Lands End. It’s fairly factual rather than a basic blog or diary, mainly because I found it difficult to extract practical information when I was planning the trip.

All the stats and facts are under ‘Core Info’. All the whinges and whines are in ‘The Ride – as it happened’. Please add your own comments/questions/experiences

Core Information
The core information links: Charity; Accommodation; Costs; Gear; Route; Training are to-the-point so you can get to the information quickly and easily without having to trip up over someone’s harrowing account of being caught in 100mph winds at Loch Lomond, with trees and power cables falling across the road in front of their .

The Ride – As it happened
This is where you’ll find the day-to-day whinges, whines and wry observations and my actual account account of being caught in 100mph winds at Loch Lomond, with trees and power cables falling across the road in front of my bike. All of which I will find amusing, compelling and frightfully incisive. You’ll probably want to ignore them.

Since this is supposed to be a useful resource for others, please feel free to add comments on any and all the pages to help keep it all current.

Dave Yates

Update March 2014: I completed  JOGLE ride between 21 May 2011 and 29 May 2011. It is now just about three years since that time. When I finished it, apart from being jubilant, I had extreme saddle-soreness, injured knees, a strained achilles and I just wanted to forget bicycles for a while. Since that time, I have been meaning to complete this site and make it truly a useful tool for others thinking of completing this challenge. And so here I am, three years late, but nevertheless you should now find a genuinely useful resource – I hope it helps.

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6 comments untill now

  1. Ross and Chip @ 2011-01-17 23:16

    Hey, good luck!! myself (ross) and my mate “chip” (andy) are doing the other way, LEJOG ,16th may 2011 – 29th may 2011. Give us a wave if you see two out of breath guys on giant defy 3′s in yellow, white and black. Getting in the base miles and gym sessions when the weather is bad at the moment.! Nice website you have alot of useful info here. cheers

  2. Dave Yates @ 2011-01-18 00:57

    Thanks Ross. My training hit a bump with a nasty bout of flu. Took me out for most of December, followed by foul weather. I’ve been back on the bike and in the gym for two weeks, now and gradually getting it back. I’ll certainly look for two large bumble bees riding (as I recall) bikes also painted like bumblebees. I shall be the big bloke swearing at whatever contraption I end up buying – if you’re still tracking this thread, what is the Giant Defy like?

  3. Please don’t fall off and don’t forget to wash behind your ears. Good Luck and Love.

  4. Hey Dave Good luck mate!! Hope you find the bicycle more handy than the train, sand quicker. Hopefully see you on the Devon leg. Phil

  5. adam lamberton @ 2012-04-18 08:54

    me and afew lads are hopping to go for it to at the end of summer and this site is very helpfull thank you. we would be doing it for cancer to.. thanx adam lamberton

  6. Clive Morton @ 2013-03-01 22:26


    Cograts on the ride and achievement.
    Interested in your route (it passes home for me – Cheltenham), seems short (good) = have you any more detail
    Hope to LEJog end June this year

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